Fear of Death

like addicts in denial
Is the grief we endure too much to bear?
we fill our lives with distractions
the whole problem of personal misery is rooted in our fear
and denial of death

as meaningful as life
(for of course creatures are immortal as they are ignorant of death)
is to know that one is mortal
Why am I unprepared
to be even inquisitive in this that society itself doesn't equip
a state that I find uncomfortable, so.

tasks and transitions of adult life involve loss
How do I enrich my inner world
to balance the sadness to what has gone
when all our relationships come to an end
In a moment of appropriate grief
I accept the inevitability of my own limitations
And eventual death

Our own death is indeed quite unimaginable, and whenever we make the attempt to imagine it we can perceive that we really survive as spectators. Hence the psychoanalytic school could venture on the assertion that in reality nobody believes in his own death, or to put the same thing in a different way, in the unconscious every one of us is convinced of his own immortality.

- Freud